First: We wrote 2 books! We, like you, LOVE learning about art. We're absolutely psyched about it. And this Boundaryless Art team met while studying Arts & Culture in Rome. So guess what? We wrote about our experiences- and shared all the things we learned in fun and engaging books. 


Second: In the mean time, we'd like to share some of the books we've read and loved. Tell us what we're missing and we'll check it out. DM us on Insta. Thanks in advance!

Boundaryless Art - The Book

Our new art book, "Boundaryless Art", is a comprehensive collection of art world information, from art history to recent masterpieces. The book includes information on art world scandals, different types of art, and guidance for art galleries and museum visits.


"Boundaryless Art" is a must-have for any fan of the art world. It is a beautiful and inspiring book that will transport you to the world of beauty, history, inspiration, and creativity.


Plus, it's written with Bionic Reading font. So it's super easy to read, digest, and understand. BOOM! 


Order it now on Amazon, or click the picture for the link.

WTF? (What The Fresco?)

Our new art e-book, "WTF?", is a sassy, short, sharp, slick e-book telling you all about the most famous global cultural events and art jargon. We're here to pump you up about Arts & Culture- even if you've never been to a museum, heard of the Mona Lisa, or watched Tom Cruise run in a movie.


By the way, "WTF?" stands for "What The Fresco?" in case you were wondering. 🙄


This e-book features 50 of the hottest events you must know about! Don't get FOMO- download this now.


Order it now on Amazon, or click the picture for the link.