Our Team

Nechama, Ashley, and Beth became friends during their masters program in Arts and Culture Management at Rome Business School. Each coming from different backgrounds, they shared a passion for unlocking the mysteries of the art world. 



Nechama Hermon, an Arts & Culture specialist hailing from Austria, is an art historian with an unwavering commitment to preserving cultural heritage. Her extensive knowledge of Jewish history, multicultural traditions, and international arts has taken her across Europe. Having worked in prestigious auction houses, museums, and restoration studios, Nechama's unique strength lies in her ability to share a visionary perspective that transcends boundaries.


From Italy comes Ashley Ludwig, the executive coordinator who fuses her expertise in psychology, mental wellbeing, and creative community planning with her passion for the arts. With a remarkable track record in events, public relations, and educational management, Ashles has collaborated with top-level executives to drive transformational training and foster cultural and social change. Her exceptional strength lies in her boundless creativity, which fuels her commitment to building inclusive and vibrant communities.


Completing this dynamic trio is Dr. Bethany Miller, a seasoned consultant and coach based in the United States but living nomadically. With a Ph.D. and a diverse background in management, logistics, aviation, and the arts, Bethany's expertise spans multiple sectors. After a successful career as a pilot, she transitioned into advising and project development, leveraging her exceptional organizational skills to bring structure and efficiency to the world of arts and cultural projects. Bethany's strength lies in her ability to orchestrate complex endeavors with precision and finesse.